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White Collar Crime

The term “white crime” was invented in the 1930s by sociologists and criminal scholars Edwin Suthaland.

He used a prayer to explain the types of crimes generally committed by “respected people.” Suther Land has finally established the Faculty of Criminal Criminals of Indiana State University.

White -collar crimes are generally non -violent, including public corruption, medical fraud, mortgage fraud, value fraud, and money laundering.

White -collar scams can destroy lives, to spend billions of dollars (or three), to destroy businesses and destroy devastating families.

White crime -clarifying is essentially a crime committed by those who studied in a higher company class during the occupation.

It is also called an educated elite crime. And how did it become a social and economic crime? In addition, there are crimes to participate in several occupations.

In other words, medical education, education, and law experts.

White has passed a crime, belongs to a higher class of the company, and is a crime committed by the people of the company. This crime is performed during this profession.

Those who commit this crime generally include technology, fields, and fields. The crime of a white pass has evolved mainly for several years. And you can see that they are involved in large -scale organizations on a scale that covers many activities. In the country.


The main differences between white and blue crimes are blue criminals, people in a disadvantageous section and high classes are involved in crimes on white roads and commit crimes in a very organized manner. They maintain their respect for society until the crime is discovered.

The difference between white crime collar and blue collar crime comes from various types of criminal acts that criminals are attractive. Theft , robbery, etc. On the other hand, white collar criminals are in more cases to commit a system of general and complex fraud because it is a bank loan agent.

White crime criminals are relatively intelligent, intelligent and prosperous men than common criminals. These crimes are difficult to detect and are not at all one person. On the other hand, normal crimes are direct and very personal. It also includes violent methods, such as the use of power to commit crimes.

Ordinary criminals generally fear legal institutions after committing a crime, but white criminals will be condemned to a fine or transferred if they are detected, I am not afraid of a legal institution. Get a short -term prison.

Another difference between blue collar and white collar is that the economic loss of white crime is several thousand times larger than that of a normal crime. White collar crimes are higher for the financial loss that the company must support, than a crime committed by a social low standard.

 Because it is a white neck crime committed by greed, it is very well planned and executed, so the blue crimes are generally angry, reinstated, and other emotions. In white necklaces, crimes are caused by victims and species, but the damage is physically damaged if a blue crime occurs.


1. Banking fraud is a crime that has been created with the intention of acquiring unreasonable advantages. Banking fraud is a fraud that was committed by a bank. It is committed by a fraudulent company by making false expressions. It is also linked to negotiated equipment, such as rebounds such as checks, titles and bank deposits. Banking fraud is concerned about the general public because it is related to banks and the general public. This is the most common white crime type and a business crime. The people and the government.

2. Bribery: Bribery is also a very common type of white collar crime. For corruption, he refers to give money or assets to those in high position in exchange for support. In simple terms, corruption is when a person gives money to another authority. It is made to pretend to do or do something. It is the most common income among most of our country’s officials.

3. Cybercrime: Cybercrime is the greatest cause that leads to this type of Indian crime. This is a last general problem in the cyber world. Cyber crimes are crimes of “computer network”. With the rapid increase in technology advances, there is a rapid increase in technical crimes. Cyber crimes are involved in computer -related experts. It is directly or indirectly opposed to the victim, and is fucked by the Internet, network, and other technical sources, and is fucked physically or mentally to his reputation or damage. Cybernetic crimes threaten the nation and threaten the safety and financial situation. Cyber crimes can lead to great economic losses for the country. Not only economic losses, but also threatening peoples privacy. The dissemination of confidential information can cause confidentiality problems. Cybernetic crimes for women also increase. Thanks to the use of communication networks, mobile phone cyber-stalkings, criminals with obscene messages and photos are increasing. # Hacking, # child porn, # copyright infraction, #cybeterism and #cyberstalking are part of a common example of cybercrimes.

4. Money blades: Money laundering is a crime where criminals hide the money identity. In this crime, the criminal tries to hide the place where this money is made by the original money product and illegal means. Wash is intended to earn money. Simply put, money laundering means indicating illegal money as a legal money. For example, if a person receives money in black marketing or illegal product trafficking, money is considered “dirty” and cannot be deposited in a bank. It was to create a statement and recording indicating where the money came from.

Silver washing contains three steps. # First, the money owner obtains money from a specific illegal medium and deposits in some way. # Next, thanks to several transactions, money transfer is executed. # Finally, they return the banks money to legalize it.

5. Fiscal evasion: Fiscal evasion is committed with the intention of hiding the true taxable income and the initial position for the authorities. The concealment of this income is made to reduce the fiscal obligation in the eyes of the government. In a word, this means hiding the money obtained from illegal measures to reduce the responsibility of the low income from the tax authorities. Budget escape can have a negative effect on social value because honest taxpayers have reduced morality, and it is possible to avoid tax evasion.

6. Flight of personal information: Personal information is one of the simplest types of crimes today. With technological advances, you can easily access the personal information of anyone. Theft of personal information is a crime that accesses criminal information, such as criminal names, addresses and telephone numbers. And use this information to make money. In a word, identity theft is committed using the identity of others to make fraud or earn money by illegal means.